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Profile: Tina Holdsworth

  • An experienced and knowledgeable business transformation leader, who drives organisational performance, resilience and adaptability across the public and private sector. Commercially focused, with expertise in designing and delivering time critical business improvements, in organisational development and change management.
  • Working collaboratively, combining experience, intellect and curiosity to help solve problems, develop solutions and deliver sustainable change. A combination of passion, focus and high energy enables the delivery of successful business outcomes, which is allied to a natural flair and empathy for people and relationships. A thought leader who demonstrates clarity, strong engagement and stakeholder management skills.
  • As part of her business transformation portfolio Tina has worked on fundamental, strategic business changes that improved operational effectiveness, generated significant financial savings and had a strong impact on wider business results. Particular areas of interest include the reduction of departmental silos by integrating processes and aligning objectives with operating plans, introducing collaborative relationships to increase revenue, improving product availability, decreasing inventory and reducing logistics costs; introducing hedging mechanisms against volatile prices; and transforming consumer expectations by understanding and analysing needs and expectations.
  • Tina holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Sussex University (2005).

Commercially focused and strategic transformation specialist with a strong collaborative style

Transformation Lead

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