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Strategy into action


We are a performance improvement organisation assisting the public sector deliver complex policy, services and infrastructure.



I4intrinsic operate on the boundary between the public and private sector


We help the private sector understand the wider perspective of the public sector and how to deliver multi faceted, but sometimes contradictory outcomes.



We help the private sector expand their operations beyond narrow, commercially focused priorities.


We help the public sector understand the benefits and limitations of the private sector and how to effectively integrate these into the successful delivery of public policy, services and infrastructure

Mutual Success

We focus on getting all sides to collaborate and work effectively with each other for mutual success.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist the public sector deliver complex policy, services and infrastructure, smoothly, elegantly and at pace.

I4intrinsic’s role centres on the transformation, collaboration, communications and stakeholder engagement aspects, as well as focusing on high performance and integrated operations between the public and private sector.

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